System Requirements
This page will familiarize a crewmember with the basic system requirements and suggested configuration of the web browser settings. To optimize efficiency and performance when using the AIMS e-Crew application, it is important that this section is read carefully and that all modifications suggested, are applied accordingly.

This application has been developed for use with:

Web Browser Cache Settings

Microsoft Internet Explorer is a browser that uses temporary space on your local drive
called "Cache," in order to keep copies of web pages that you have visited recently. 

Depending on the options you set individually at your PC,Microsoft Internet Explorer 
uses the cache that stores html files in the local disk in order to get the page faster. 

To avoid this "problem", in your browser window menu select Tools -> Internet Options ->
General (Tab) and click on "Settings" button within the "Browsing History" area. 
The following screen will appear:

In the field labelled "Check for newer versions of stored pages,"
select "Every time I visit the webpage."


Web Browser Print Settings

Open the Internet Explorer and select File -> "Page Setup" command.
In the pop-up window that will arise,remove any header and footer details 
and reduce all the margins to the minimum value.

The previous modification will minimize the required print area for the 
"Personal Crew Schedule" report or any other print operation of the e-Crew application.