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AIMS e-Crew (Crew Access to AIMS) provides you, the crew member, with access to authorized personal, flight and airport information directly over the Internet. It also facilitates with your bidding and trip trade options, as it allows for information to be viewed, amended and recorded at the simple click of a button.


Offering an expedient and accurate means of communication between you and your crewing department, AIMS e-Crew also improves the management of operations by substantially minimizing workload and related overhead costs.


The purpose of this Help feature is to introduce you to the functionality of the various options found within the application. It offers simple and digestible instructions with screen print illustrations for you to reference when in need of assistance.


Please note that, for presentation purposes, all possible options within the application were enabled and are displayed throughout this Help feature.


All examples and illustrations are based on airlines operating 767,757 and 320 aircraft, and are set on fictitious flight schedules and crew member details.



The version installed within your airline may not have all options enabled (consult your AIMS administrator for further information).















How to begin


Access the application by logging into your airline’s e-Crew website.

Before proceeding, be sure to peruse the instructions and suggestions contained in the System Requirements (strongly recommended).


When you are satisfied that your PC or Laptop meet the system requirements, enter your Crew ID and Password in the field provided and then <Login> to access the system.



Line Callout 2: Log In DetailsLine Callout 2: Help Links



Line Callout 2: READ CAREFULLY












Entering Login Details


Enter your Crew ID and Password and click on <Login>.


If you have forgotten your password, click on the <Forgot your password?> link situated next to the ‘Login’ icon. This will display the procedure required to retrieve your password information.



Line Callout 2: Enter ID and Password here